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Michael J. Hallock

Attorney at Law

Michael Hallock is an accomplished attorney with deep expertise in consumer protection and litigation. Michael previously worked on Capitol Hill and in the General Counsel’s Office of The U.S. Department of Transportation, where Michael successfully represented consumers against numerous multinational corporations including Orbitz and Google. Michael is a former Assistant United States Attorney, who has won several trials and succeeded in the 5th and 7th United States Circuit Courts of Appeals more than a dozen times. Michael successfully prosecuted hundreds of white-collar and violent crimes and created a federal drug court program. Michael is the recipient of the Deans Award, the Distinguished Public Service Award, the Capitol Pro Bono Honor Roll Award, the Secretary’s Award, The General Counsel’s Award, and co-author of Aviation Regulation in the United States. Michael enjoys fishing and traveling and has been to all 50 states and more than 30 countries.