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Glen J. Dunn Jr.

President & Founding Partner

Hard work, perseverance, creativity and an unquenchable fire in the belly are the key ingredients for a winning trial attorney. Glen brings these traits to bear for each client he serves.

Glen was born in Manassas, Virginia and grew up in London, England where his father worked for TWA.  Glen was blessed with the opportunity to travel the world with his family as a child and experience foreign culture on nearly every continent. Glen attended one of the leading international boarding schools, The American School In Switzerland (T.A.S.I.S.), where he created lifelong relationships with foreign royalty, diplomats, and leaders of industry.

A graduate of DePaul College of Law and active member of the American Association for Justice and the Illinois State Bar Association, he works tirelessly in pursuit of an outcome that satisfies his clients.

Glen spent his early career as a successful defense lawyer, representing a Fortune 100 corporation in matters across the country.  In 2004, Glen changed direction and dedicated himself to the representation of individuals who do not have the resources to take on big corporations alone.  Glen possesses the unique experience of seeing litigation from the opponent’s perspective, and utilizes this knowledge to expose weaknesses and eliminate delay in the handling of his clients’ affairs.

Glen has handled several landmark cases across the country during his career and has recovered more than $59 million in jury verdicts and settlements for his clients. As a young defense lawyer, Glen was courageous enough to lead the charge in exposing a corrupt Judge in Madison County, in southern Illinois, which is frequently described by the Department of Justice as a “Judicial Hellhole”.

As a plaintiffs’ attorney, Glen has taken on massive international corporations, such as McDonalds, Halliburton, Cargill, Republic Waste, ABM and Motorcoach Industries, with amazing results. In 2011, Glen uncovered despicable discovery abuse by Caesars Gaming Corporation in Northern Mississippi and proved, at trial, that the Casino, it’s employees and attorneys had all lied, under oath, and destroyed evidence to escape liability for a terrible bus rollover crash that left 15 people dead and another 15 people very badly injured. The discovery sanction was the first of its kind in that jurisdiction.

Glen and his firm have represented over 15,000 clients in over 30 states, from California and Nevada to Oklahoma, Florida and Kentucky to New York and Pennsylvania and throughout the Midwest. At his firm, profits and the bottom line will never come before people.

Glen is an avid outdoorsman and makes an annual pilgrimage with his father to the far reaches of the uncharted wilderness in the Northwest Territories of Canada, for a couple of unplugged weeks of fishing and relaxing.

Even if Glen cannot accept your representation, he will aid you in finding the right representation through his network of peers.

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